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This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to install a range of CCTV equipment and audio systems. It requires the ability to select and use materials, tools and equipment to install CCTV equipment and audio systems using approved methods and procedures. This work applies in extra low voltage as defined through the Australian Standards AS 2201 (1986) environments.

This unit may form part of the licensing requirements for persons responsible for installing CCTV equipment and audio systems in those states and territories where these are regulated activities.


Prepare for installation .

1.1 Applicable provisions of legislative  and organisational requirements  relevant to installing CCTV equipment and audio systems  are identified and complied with.

1.2 Assignment instructions  are obtained, reviewed and confirmed as required with relevant persons .

1.3 CCTV equipment and audio system to be installed is identified and confirmed.

1.4 Tools equipment  and materials  needed to carry out the work are selected and checked for correct operation and safety.

1.5 Potential and existing risks and hazards  in the work area are identified and controlled in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety  (OHS ) requirements and own role, competence and authority.

Install CCTV and audio systems .

2.1 Personal protection equipment  is selected and used in accordance with OHS requirements.

2.2 CCTV equipment and audio system is accurately positioned in accordance with installation specifications and assignment instructions.

2.3 CCTV equipment and audio system is securely fixed, terminated and connected to cabling using appropriate methods and procedures.

2.4 CCTV equipment and audio system is installed without damage or distortion to the surrounding environment or services.

2.5 Safe workplace practices are applied throughout installation process in accordance with OHS requirements.

2.6 Changing circumstances and factors  affecting the achievement of assignment instructions are identified and recommendations for variation to installation plans are approved by relevant persons.

Complete installation .

3.1 Installed CCTV equipment and audio system is inspected and checked to confirm operational effectiveness.

3.2 Checks are conducted to confirm that all terminations are electrically and mechanically sound.

3.3 Work area is restored to original condition, waste disposed of and tools and equipment cleaned and stored in accordance with organisational requirements.

3.4 Malfunctions, faults, wear or damage to tools or equipment is documented and reported for repair or replacement in accordance with organisational procedures.

3.5 Notification of work completion is made to relevant persons in accordance with organisational procedures.

3.6 Relevant documentation  is completed and securely maintained in accordance with organisational procedures.

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